11 000 sq. meters of new offices in Baildon

Opal Maksimum has commenced revitalization works on former facilities of the Baildon steelworks. Modern office center will be created inside the industrial buildings.

The facilities are located along the Rawa river, close to the other office center of Opal Maksimum – Rawa Office. The new complex was called Baildona 66 Office Center and will be located in the western part of the former steelworks. Baildon was established in 1823 and named after Scottish engineer John Baildon. The plant is in liquidation since 2001. The steelworks was a huge complex with its internal streets. An old plate with the name Za Rawą St. is still placed on one of the old buildings which will be turned into modern offices.

The complex of brick buildings will be transformed into an office center offering 11 000 sq. meters of space for lease. Both open space and cabinet arrangements are planned. The investor will apply windows of upper standard sound-proof level, independent mechanical ventilation with heat and humidity recovery system and modern wiring.

The buildings will be adapted for the needs of disabled people. A car park for up to 500 vehicles will be put at tenants disposal. The investor already holds a valid building permit and the revitalization works have been commenced.

Several buildings in Baildon are owned by Opal Maksimum. The firm is now involved in another renovation works on the C building of Rawa Office at 13 Marcina St. The company already named this area „Nowy Baildon” (New Baildon).