2008 Europe Prize for Katowice

Katowice receives 2008 Europe Prize during ceremony

Darmowy Hosting na Zdjęcia Fotki i Obrazki

15.09.2008, Strasbourg – The Polish town of Katowice yesterday received the 2008 Europe Prize in a ceremony which took place during the town’s annual festival. A delegation of parliamentarians, led by the Chair of PACE’s Environment Committee Alan Meale (United Kingdom, SOC) and the Chair of its Europe Prize Sub-Committee Danuta Jazlowiecka (Poland, EPP/CD), presented the prize to Katowice’s Mayor Piotr Uszok at a ceremony attended by several hundred invited guests.

The prize – awarded annually by PACE’s Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs – honours towns and cities for their active promotion of the European ideal, such as twinnings, European events and exchange visits. It consists of a trophy, a medal, a diploma and a scholarship to be spent on a study visit within Europe for young people from the winning town.

After Czestochowa and Gdynia, Katowice in Upper Silesia is the third Polish town to receive this honour and the 64th winning town since the prize was created in 1955.