2011 to be crucial for investments in Katowice

The year 2011 seems to be crucial for the City in the area of investments planned in Katowice for the years to come. Most of scheduled works will kick off this year and its total amount exceeds PLN 1 billion. During a today’s press conference, the Mayor of Katowice Piotr Uszok, presented the range of City Hall’s activity in the investments’ area.

The most important and the biggest investments are planned near the “Spodek” sport and exhibition hall in the area of former “Katowice” coal mine. The area is so called a new “cultural district”. Last days, the City Hall launched a bidding procedure for the selection of a prime contractor of the road system in the district. The new road system will be connecting the planned buildings of Silesian Museum (PLN 324 million, investment of the Silesian Voivodeship Marshall Office), National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s seat (PLN 265 million) and International Convention Center (PLN 303 million). Groundbreakings of all three projects are scheduled to be started in 2011. The road system will cost approximately PLN 100 million. A cost of new elevation of “Spodek” is estimated at PLN 30 million.

Additionally, construction works on modernization of the “Młyńska 1” building (PLN 19 million) and the Youth Palace (PLN 34 million), both located in the City Center, should start in Q1 2011.

Another project planned to be commenced this year is a first stage of redevelopment of the Market Square – Roundabout area (PLN 42,9 million).

To finance the investments the City of Katowice plans to spend its own budgetary funds, apply for the European Union grants and will borrow PLN 500 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB). The loan will be a three-part operation. Money will be spent for construction works of:
– first part: “Młyńska 1” and the Youth Palace (the loan agreement already signed)
– second part: International Convention Center, National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s building, the road system
– third part: the Market Square – Roundabout area

Also, the Mayor Piotr Uszok expressed a hope to announce and decide an architectural competition for a seat of the Opera and Ballet Theater during this four-year presidency. The building would be located in the “cultural district”.