34 architectural studios want to design new Market Square

On 12th of January 2011, the City Hall of Katowice announced an open international competition for an architectural concept of the Market Square’s public spaces. Deadline to submit applications for participation in the contest expired today.

“34 architectural studios submitted their applications. Opening of bids will take place next Wednesday. Then, the jury will have two weeks to estimate the applications. Qualified firms will be invited to file detailed architectural projects by the middle of May” – says Daniel Muc, press spokesman of the City Center redevelopment.

The competition is scheduled to be decided in June 2012. The successful tenderer will be awarded a single-source contract worth PLN 1,6 million and will prepare a complete design documentation including all administrative decisions and permissions. The architectural design and its investment cost estimate can not exceed PLN 40 million including Value Added Tax.

The subjected public space covers an area of the Market Square and surroundings between Moniuszki St. and Rynek 13 (north-south axis), the buildings of “Zenit”, “Wyspiański” Theater, Silesian Museum and “Dom Prasy”, “Skarbek”, “Bank Śląski” (east-west axis). According to the competition guidelines, architects will have to propose several different purposes of the public areas, e.g. a flower, water or recreation square. Also, they will have to take into consideration a new tram line’s route – works on this part of the City Center’s redevelopment are to be launched in the turn of February and March this year.