A heart of Nikiszowiec

Approximately PLN 3,2 million of EU fund was granted last year for a renovation of an old mangel building in Nikiszowiec district as the new History of Katowice Museum unit. Following PLN 600 000 was donated by the City Hall. Thanks to the funds the renovation is currently progressing. Two storeys of the building and a basement will be modernly equipped covering area of 1 100 sq. m. About 400 sq. m is planned for temporary and constant expositions. The Museum will offer conveniences for physically challenged. An information bureau for tourists will also find a place in the building. The revitalization is conducted under a conservator’s supervision.

The renovated building will be the History of Katowice Museum unit – “the Ethnology of the City” Section. A project of the Museum’s renewal called “A heart of Nikiszowiec” is a part of the district revitalization. The aim is to improve Nikiszowiec as a tourists destination and to encourage citizens for a local activity. Local authorities also took steps to register this unique red brick district as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The building works are to be finished in H2 2010.