Advanced stage of track works in City Center

The consortium of NDI and Balzola is finishing works on the new tram track between the Rialto cinema and the Roundabout. However, probability of re-opening this tram section in December is now fifty percent due to adverse weather conditions.

“We estimate that all works on the Rialto – Market Sq. section are about 95 percent done while the Market Sq. – Roundabout part is 75 percent completed. If we talk only about the tram track of the Rialto – Roundabout area, the works are 90 percent done at the moment” – commented Wojciech Pałczyński, project manager at NDI S.A.

Next Monday, on 17th of December, the tram traffic on 3 Maja St. will be returned in spite the street refurbishment is not yet completed. The street is being refurbished by NDI and Balzola (track works), Skanska (pevements and small architecture) and “Katowickie Wodociągi” (piping works).