All 16 pillars back at Szewczyka Sq.

A few weeks before the official opening of the Katowice Railway Station, the last one of 16 umbrella pillars is fully reconstructed. Restoration works took 8 months which saw the structures coming back to their original location at Szewczyka Sq. one after another. The first to get there were 4 pillars forming a roof over the modern passenger hall of the new Katowice Station.

The complex cup-shaped pillars reinstatement process was preceded by months of tests aimed at restoring the original forms to utmost perfection. It had been decided to use a rare technology that involved casting a concrete structure inside wooden formworks, thanks to which the pillars’ surface is now covered with thousands of unique tree-rings. The time-consuming process required laborious hours of manual work of talented builders using different concrete mixes and formwork installation techniques.

“The pillars will be fully visible for the first time, thanks to which the new station is bound to function as a veritable city gate. The reconstruction process has been highly successful. The concrete pattern is perfectly displayed on the towering pillars, just like it used to be in case of the old Station building. Owing to the pillars, the station hall will remain the showpiece of Katowice for long years to come” – says Rafał Elżanowski, Investment Director at Neinver Poland.

The station building has already been inspected and accepted by the National Fire Services and the Health Protection Agency (“Sanepid”). Building inspectors are about to issue an occupancy permit within the upcoming days. Cleaning works are underway inside the hall. Tenants are moving in and adjusting premises to their needs. All devices and systems (incl. escalators) are subject to testing and commissioning procedures.

Following the opening of the Railway Station, passengers will get a chance to tap into transport services, as well as to shop at numerous stores and eat in catering outlets located within the Station hall of 5 800 sq. meters. Except for cash-desks and waiting lounges, travelers can visit cafes, restaurants, a pharmacy, a bookstore, news-stands an a cakeshop.

Delivery of the passenger hall crowns the first stage of the investment run by Neinver Poland and PKP S.A. Towards the end of the year, a bus terminal (where paving works for bus bays and sidewalks are now underway) will start functioning at Szewczyka Sq. The subsequent phase involves opening Galeria Katowicka in the second quarter of 2013. The mall will have 250 shops and service points within an area of 53 000 sq. meters. Customers will be leaving their vehicles at an underground parking lot with 1200 spots.

source: Neinver’s press office

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Restoration process of the cup-shaped pillars, 28th of August 2012