Altus celebrates round anniversary

Recently, the highest building in the Southern Poland has celebrated its 5th anniversary. Altus was officially opened on 14th of September, 2004. Since the beginning it was managed as a mixed-use complex. Localised at 13 Uniwersytecka Street in Katowice and covered the total area of 69 000 sq. m is the seat of a cinema, a hotel, a fitness club as well as a shopping center and many companies. The 125 high structure is constructed of three cuboids – a 4-storey atrium as a base of the building and another two parts of 18 and 29 storeys high. A 3-storey underground car park is designed for 560 vehicles which can be serviced by an in place car-wash.

The four-storey atrium includes shops, boutiques and restaurants. There is also located the Helios nine-screen cinema, the Gymnasion fitness club and a 600 sq. m conference area. The second, middle part between 5th and 18th storey is an A-class office space covering area of 13 231 sq. m. The third highest part is occupied by the four-star Qubus Hotel Prestige with 150 rooms. The Sky Bar and luxury suites were located on the top floor.

Altus as a modern facility holds the Building Management System (BMS), structural computer and telecommunication networks, a 24-hour CCTV camera monitoring system, 18 lifts and 6 escalators. Altus also has an automatic incident reporting system which instantly informs the fire brigade and tenants in the building – by means of numerous loud speakers – about the fire.

Major tenants of the office part are ABB, Capgemini, Skanska, Lotos, Steria, Kredyt Bank, Sodexo, Deloitte.

Knight Frank is responsible for the property management.

Altus in numbers:
Height – 106 meters (125 meters with a mast)
Capacity – 270 430 cubic meters
Total area – 68 815 sq. m
Floor surface – 66 470 sq. m
Underground car park – 18 145 sq. m
Office area – 13 231 sq. m
Services and shopping center – 4 179 sq. m
Restaurants – 1 000 sq. m
Qubus Hotel – 8 230 sq. m
Helios Cinema – 6 454 sq. m
Gymnasion Fitness Center – 902 sq. m