Another tenant in Francuska Office Center

Globe Trade Center S.A. (GTC) has gained a new tenant for Francuska Office Center (FOC). After having signed several lease agreements for a total of 3 340 sq. meters in March, the company has also leased 3 200 sq. meters of office space in recent days.

The name of the new tenant will be revealed in September this year pursuant to the provisions of the lease agreement. The new tenant is a large, Poland-based private company. It will move into to the second building of Francuska Office Center.

The complex located at 34 Francuska St. comprises two buildings with a total of 21 700 sq. meters “A” class office space. According to GTC, the first building of the center is 100% let. The new tenant will be the first one in the second building. The total occupancy of the complex is now at 60%. The list of tenants includes: Ruch, Bank Millennium, Nordea Bank, KPMG, Philips Lighting, American Heart of Poland, Arpid and Berlitz.

The interiors at Francuska Office Center are designed to allow tenants flexible arrangement and efficient management of the space, for such uses as back-office operations, research or laboratory activity. Key solutions applied in the complex include energy-efficient windows that prevent overheating of rooms, effective ventilation with recuperation (heat recovery), and computerized building management system (BMS) and lighting control.