Apartamenty Barcelońska

The Wistra Development company, a local developer based in Katowice, is putting up a residential facility in the district of Piotrowice on Barcelońska St. A first stage of the scheme called “Apartamenty Barcelońska” was delivered last year. Now, the developer is carrying out development of a second stage of the project.

The first stage consists of two buildings with 10 apartments. Five apartments located on the ground floor cover an area of 92 sq. meters and feature small gardens (110-180 sq. m). The first and attic floors are designed for two-storey apartments covering 137 sq. meters with terraces of 26 sq. meters. Ten independent garages were put at tenants disposal.

© Wistra Development; first stage of Apartamenty Barcelońska

The second stage of “Apartamenty Barcelońska”, which is being conducted at present, will deliver four apartments in one building. The offer includes: ground floor – two apartments (77 sq. m each) with gardens (125 and 220 sq.m), first floor – two 2-storey apartmens (121 sq. m each) with terraces (15 sq. m each). Also, a garage building for four vehicles will be built nearby.

The second stage of the project is schedule for completion in Q3 2011.