Appeal lodged against decision on ICC concessioner

There will be no chance to sign the concession agreement for services involving organization of events and management of the International Convention Center (ICC) and the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall by the end of November as it was previously expected. HKO, one of two tendering companies, has lodged an appeal against the decision about the successful concessioner.

The City Hall of Katowice decided the administrative procedure in the middle of November. There were two companies competing for the contract in the last stage of the proceeding: HKO (Warsaw) and PTWP Event Center (Katowice). The Katowice-based firm was chosen as the preferred bidder. According to operative regulations, HKO had ten days to lodge an appeal against this decision and used their right.

„The appeal was lodged on the 25th of November. Now the City Hall has ten days to consider the appeal and make a final decision. If the appeal is rejected, the concession agreement will be signed with PTWP Event Center without delay. In case of a positive result for HKO, it cannot be said unmistakably at this moment what effect the decision will procure as the appeal’s subject has not been publicly revealed” – said Jakub Jarząbek, press spokesman of the City Hall of Katowice.

The decision of the City Hall should be known by the 5th of December.

The construction of the International Convention Center is co-financed from the European Union funds. With regard to this, the concessioner will be required to organize, solicit and produce such number of events which meet the performance indicators of the project co-financed from the EU funds. In its business plans regarding the ICC, the contract-winning company will be required to include a minimum number of events in a given year.

Detailed information concerning the indicators and the offer proposed by the concessioner will be known after the successful conclusion of the administrative proceedings.