Atal looks forward to expand

Atal is going to increase the number of its residential projects to be launched in main Polish cities. Also, the company wants to expand the land bank.

Currently, Atal owns an area of 290 000 sq. meters of land, on which about 5 000 apartments can be built within 30 planned investment projects. The company wants to start new projects or to extend the existing offer. The schemes would be located in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Łódź and Katowice, the developer said in a statement. Additionally, Atal wants to spend PLN 60-100 million for land purchases this year.

„We are considering to extend one of our existing projects in Katowice instead of starting new developments here. However, if we find some bargain offers of a land sale in the City, the company will consider it” – said Paweł Rabantek, public relations consultant of Atal management board.

The company is now erecting three stages of Francuska Park located in the junction of Lotnisko and Francuska streets (674 apartments). It is the largest new housing estate being currently erected in Katowice. In 2011, Atal delivered Ligota Park on Orkana St. (415 apartments).