Attention: changes!

The City Hall of Katowice and KZK GOP (the Municipal Transport Union of the Upper Silesian Industrial District) launched today a social campaign to inform about traffic changes in Katowice during the construction works at Szewczyka Sq.

About 260 000 leaflets, advertisements in TV, radio, Internet, local press and info boards on bus and tram stops are prepared to inform passengers about the reorganization of public transport in the City Center.

It is planned to close Szewczyka Sq. for the traffic on 15th of August. At present the Square services thousands of passengers every day. After the closing all the buses stops will be moved and routes are going to be changed. A final closing of the Railway Station’s building and an opening of a temporary station is planned for the turn of August and September 2010.

Thereby, KZK GOP and the City Hall prepared various solutions to minimize the inconveniences. Except the mentioned advertisements, some interpretation centers will inform citizens about the reorganization of public transport. The centers are located in the Welcome Center (Katowice, 13 Rynek St.), the KZK GOP seat (21a Barbary St.), Passengers Service Desks (Sosnowiec, 3/17 Warszawska St.; Gliwice, 2 Piastów Sq.; Bytom, Wolskiego Sq.).

Detailed information about timetables, routes and traffic changes can be found at and (Polish versions only)

reach of social campaign