Bagienna/Murckowska St.

This 3,4 hectare plot is zoned for service purposes (office, hotel, retail). For the asking of a future buyer the ultimate limits of the site might be changed for a smaller part. The area is currently not used and mostly covered by greenery. The plot is under a valid spatial development plan.

The subject plot is located in the Zawodzie district in the area of Bagienna and Murckowska Streets and by the “Rawa” river. This 3,4 land is also localized in a close proximity to two housing estates of “Walentego Roździeńskiego”, so called “Gwiazdy”, and “Bulwary Rawy”. Additionally, the University of Economics’ campus is accessible within an easy reach. The plot’s location gives an easy access to “DTŚ”, the internal Agglomeration’s expressway and Murckowska St. connected directly with the “A4” highway.

3,4 ha.

On application

City of Katowice

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