Bid call and road system

PKP S.A. (Polish State Railways) has announced today a bid call for a project and construction works of a temporary railway station. The station will service passengers during the redevelopment of the main Railway Station hall and will be localised at Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej Square in the rear of the present Station building. The temporary station will be made available for passengers at the beginning of June 2010. Michał Wrzosek, the PKP’s spokesman, assures that all procedures are run according to schedule and the construction works of the main Railway Station redevelopment are planned to commence in May 2010. An opening of the rebuild Station will take place two years later in May 2012. The shopping center at Szewczyka Sq. should be ready by the end of 2012.

The redevelopment of the Railway Station as well as the development of a multi-function complex at Szewczyka Sq. are the investment of the Spanish developer Neinver. The company has already came to terms on road system issues with the City Hall. The key element of change in the previous project is a relocation of the bus station. Primarily the bus station was planned to be situated under the shopping center and Szewczyka Sq. Currently, the station is designed to move within an easy reach on Sądowa St. In effect, only bus stops will be localised under the new shopping center instead of the whole station for buses. Remaining project’s settlements stay the same. Cost: EUR 240 million.

Additionally, Polish Railway Lines (PLK) are responsible for the refurbishment of the Station’s platforms, tunnels, platforms roofs, escalators and passengers lifts. PLK forecasts the construction works start in the late 2010. Cost: PLN 60 million.

The road system under and near the Railway Station – Dworcowa and Sądowa St. (bus station):
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