Branch of the History of Katowice Museum opens

A great opening of the History of Katowice Museum took place today in the Nikiszowiec district. The renovated building is a seat of the Museum’s branch – “the Ethnology of the City” Section. The project of the Museum’s renewal called “A heart of Nikiszowiec” is a part of the district revitalization.

The Museum’ branch was renovated thanks to approximately PLN 3 million from the EU funds (European Regional Development Fund) and PLN 1 million of the Katowice’s budget. Localized at the market of Nikiszowiec, the building was used by inhabitants as a laundry and a mangel in the past. Since 1996, the “Galeria Magiel” (Mangel Gallery) presenting souvenirs of the district was operating inside. In 2005, the building had been bought by the City Hall and handed over to the Museum.

The total area of 1 100 sq. meters is predicted for an artistic studio, information bureau for tourists, space for expositions and meeting room for citizens of Nikiszowiec district. The interior is tailored to needs of physically challenged. The revitalization was conducted under a conservator’s supervision.

The Museum is located at 4 Rymarska St. in Nikiszowiec. On 14th of Januray 2011, the more than 100-year old district was registered as the Monument of History. A next planned step is to register this unique red brick district as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.