Budus is to build a passive building

Today, on 25th of July, representatives of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum signed a contract with the Budus S.A. building company, which will raise a passive building – the new seat of the Park. Also it is designed for new technologies’ companies.

Budus S.A. had tendered for the contract together with eight other companies, however only three firms decided to make final bids. Price proposed by Budus was the lowest and amounts PLN 37 million.

The company will have 18 months to finish a construction work. On 8th of August, construction crews of Budus will enter the construction site to start the works.

The passive building will comprise 6 335 sq. meters. It will be the first facility of its kind in the Upper Silesia region. It is designed to use only 12 percent of energy comparing to typical buildings of this size. It will comprise laboratories equipped with, among others, space process cooling and fiber optic cable installations. It will also house nine-meter-high rooms for testing bulky machinery required mostly by the renewable energy resources companies. Additionally, there will be a data center and office spaces inside.

The building was designed by Sławomir Kostur in cooperation with Walter Brown who is known for a project of the biggest European passive building “Lu-teco” in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

The project is partially financed from EU funds and the state budget, its total worth exceeds PLN 97 million. Within the framework of the project, the Park will develop its infrastructure, run training courses and advisory services.

Thanks to co-financing of the project by the European Union, Euro-Centrum will be able to offer future tenants a 30% reduction of lease agreements of office spaces.

© Euro-Centrum; project of the passive building
© Euro-Centrum; project of the passive building