Builder of temporary station appointed

Holdinwest, Katowice seated company, was chosen by PKP S.A. (Polish State Railways) for a development of a temporary station at Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej Square and Konopnickiej Street. The preparatory works will start in April and to be finished in June 2010. The station will service passengers during the redevelopment of the main Railway Station building and construction works at Szewczyka Sq. where Galeria Katowicka Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of Neinver Polska Sp. z o.o. and PKP S.A., is going to build a multi-function commercial complex.

The temporary station will make available for passengers 20 booking offices, 28 public toilets and 2 information desks. The station will service travellers until May 2012 when the building of the Railway Station is scheduled to be finished. In order of next stages, the parts of the commercial complex will be erected – retail (52 000 sq. m) and exhibition center (19 000 sq. m), offices (24 000 sq. m) as well as a stand-alone building of an office and retail purpose.

fot. PKP S.A., temporary station