City Airport in the heart of Katowice

The Muchowiec sport airfield is going to come a City airport. An appointed co-partnership with participation of the City Hall of Katowice will take charge of creating an air terminal. Is expected to fulfill the plan in four years. At present, a feasibility study is under preparation.
The “Konstructor” architectural studio was even designed a conceptional project including a hotel, retail and conference center, and modern air base. But the minimum plan assumes to renovate the airstrip and antique buildings, to develop airdocks, petrol station and planes park.
The present sport airfield becomes to tight for all fly hot heads. Thanks to licalisation less than 5 km from the City Center, the airfield is more and more often used by businessmen and politicians. In the future, the Muchowiec City Airport will be also customised to host non-EU flights.