City Center redevelopment waits for tenders

The City Hall of Katowice decided to demolish the building at 14 Korfantego Av. in the City Center – the former Civil Registry Office’s seat so called “Pałac Ślubów” (Wedding Palace) and sell the land. Meanwhile, the City prepares to issue a first tender concerning the City Center redevelopment.

The two storey building had been delivered in 1969 and was appointed as the seat of the Civil Registry Office from the very beginning. In December last year, the Office was moved to the newly restored Goldstein Palace located at 12A Wolności Square and “Pałac Ślubów” was closed.

A few day ago, the building was delivered to the “Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane HPM Sp. z o.o.” company which had been chosen to conduct the demolition. The works are to be finished within three months and will cost PLN 231 000. Afterwards, the empty plot (I-Ca) together with the I-Cb plot (map below), both located along Korfantego Av. in the area of the Market Square – Roundabout, are to be sold to private investors. Buildings, which would be raised on the plots, are designed for commercial purposes, mostly offices and apartments.

© City Hall of Katowice; map of Market Sqaure - Roundabout area, project of the redevelopment and boarders of the plots
© City Hall of Katowice; map of the Market Square - Roundabout area, project of the redevelopment and boarders of the plots

“A selling offer of the plots should be ready in autumn this year, as we want to present it during the October Expo Real international trade fair for commercial property and investment in Munich. At the same time, we would like to invite investors to bid for the right to buy the plots” – says Daniel Muc, press spokesman of the City Center redevelopment.

Meanwhile, the City Hall is finishing designing works on a first stage of the City Center redevelopment. “At present, we are making up necessary specifications to conclude administrative procedures. These activities are essential to issue a tender for construction work which should take place in the turn of third and fourth quarter this year. The field of tender will include a redevelopment of a tram line from the “Rialto” cinema – through the Market Square – to the Roundabout” – Muc explains.

The tender is scheduled to be decided by the end of this year. An estimated cost of this stage amounts approximately PLN 40 million. “We assume the construction work will take about 12 months. It is very important to synchronize the completion of works with the delivery date of Neinver’s project” – he adds.

Tenders for construction work for new road system in the Market Square – Roundabout area and redevelopment of the Rawa” river’s bed are to be announced later on.