City Hall decided on ICC tender

The City Hall of Katowice selected a winning tender for a construction contract to finish works on the International Convention Center. The consortium of Warbud and Mercury Engineering was chosen as the preferred bidder.

It was the second attempt to pick the prime contractor within this single tender procedure – earlier this year the City Hall had decided to choose the offer of NDI, Balzola and WHD (consortium) as the winning bid, however Warbud and Mercury Engineering appealed the decision in the National Appeal Chamber. The protest said that NDI, Balzola and WHD’s offer did not meet all financial conditions for participation in the tender procedure. The NAC had approved the complaint, ordered the City Hall to annul the decision and to evaluate the tenders once again.

The City Hall has just concluded the re-evaluation and on Monday, 29th of April, the gross PLN 280,2 million bid proposed by Warbud and Mercury Engineering was selected as the winning one. The second advantageous bid was made by Budimex (gross PLN 298,5 million). The offers of three other tenderers – the consortiums of NDI (leader), Hochtief (leader) and Strabag (leader) – were rejected by the evaluation committee.

The companies taking part in the tender procedure now can appeal from the decision within the ten days period. If no appeals are filed in the National Appeal Chamber, the City Hall will sign the contract with Warbud and Mercury Engineering.