City Hall invites architects to design Market Sq.

The City Hall of Katowice has issued a limited tender for a detailed design of the Market Square’s public spaces. Deadlines for the submission of applications to take part in tender proceedings will expire on 20th of September 2012.

The City Hall invites all architectural studios to the two-staged procedure. In the first instance, the companies will have to meet strict requirements e.g. they have to prove that theirs annual revenue amounts to PLN 1,6 million at least and a leading manager of designing team has 15 years of architectural experience or more. Then, the City will invite the best five studios to the second stage.

To choose the winner, the tender committee will take into consideration the price and the quality of architectural project proposed by the designing firms. The projects have to be based on the concept design of the consortium of GPP Grupa Projektowa and Agencja Projektowa Architektury EKSPO, and have to include suggestions made by the competition jury. GPP and EKSPO won the second prize in the open international competition for an architectural concept of the public spaces decided in July. As there were no winner, the public procurement law says the City Hall has to issue the tender procedure to select a new designer.

The invited five studios will design the area between Moniuszki St. and the “Rynek 13” building (north-south axis) and the Silesian Theater and the “Skarbek” building (east-west axis). The construction work on the public spaces will be conducted in two phases.

The chosen architectural studio will have 12 months to prepared the said detailed documentation including all administrative decisions and permissions enabling to issue a bidding procedure for a prime contractor and to start the construction work. An estimated value of the gratification for the chosen designing company is PLN 1,6 million.