City Hall invites to submit offers for water park

The City Hall of Katowice finished detailed negotiations with three companies interested in building a water park in the City. Now, the companies can file their final offers including a planned scale and costs of the investment until 4th of July 2011.

The negotiations were conducted with Berndorf Bäderbau (Jaworze), Miastoprojekt (Wrocław), Leo 11 (Warsaw) – which had submitted applications in 2010 – and concerned both parties expectations. The chosen company will get a concession for the water park management. The investment will be carried out within the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) formula where a private partner provides financing, know-how and experience, the City contributes a plot, subsidies and purchase of services and capital input are also possible.

The Water Park will be located on a 9,6 ha plot in the area of Ceglana, Kościuszki and Zgrzebnioka Streets, near the Tadeusz Kościuszko Park. The complex will combine several outdoor and indoor pools, gym, wellness, and spa services and food court. A construction of commercial facilities such as a hotel is also considered. However, it depends on the investor preferences.

A total cost of the investment is estimated at net PLN 200 million (the amount includes a cost of a hotel development).