Clean Coal Technologies Center

A project of the Clean Coal Technologies Center (CCTW) was launched last year. This is a joint venture investment of the Central Mining Institute (GIG) from Katowice and the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal (IChPW) from Zabrze. The task of the Center will be a creation of the leading scientifical site for promotion and industrial implementation of clean coal technologies. The investment valued EUR 45 million will be considerably financed by European Regional Funds. Within the project laboratories and installations for coal gasification will be established. At present, GIG called for a bid and is looking for a prime contractor for the Center’s seat which will be localised at 1 Gwarków Sq. in Katowice.

The project was prepared by Barysz Point Line architectural studio. The new Center will deliver 5 000 sq. m of usable area on five floors. The building’s elevation will be mostly covered by a black clinker brick and red glassy panels of the konvortec system. Unopened, various-shaped windows are to be arranged on a irregular basis. But the most characteristic is an inside sculpture covering a five-storey staircase wall. Named the “wall of coal” and located in the main hall will be sprinkled by water flowing out of the wall’s top. Construction works are planned to commence in April 2010 and will finish in Q4 2011.

The CCTW will create a perfect unit for developing and elaborating new processes and researches in the clean coal technologies area and will have a chance to become a leading European CCT research center based in Poland.

The modern laboratory in Katowice will focus on:
• properties of solid bodies, liquids and gases,
• minimising the environmental impact,
• process engineering and nanotechnology,
• environment research and monitoring,
• identifying the coal deposits and associated minerals,
• analysing the CO2 storage potential.

About the Institute
The Central Mining Institute (Główny Instytut Górnictwa, GIG) is a research and development organization, working in the field of, among others, mining, geoengineering and environmental engineering. In December 2009, GIG became a part of the CC PolandPlus, one of the six regionally bundled European co-location centers make up the Knowledge and Innovation Communities InnoEnergy consortium.