Closing of Szewczyka Sq.

Today, on 12th of January 2011, a next stage of the Katowice Railway Station’s redevelopment has commenced. After demolition works on the Station’s cup-shaped pillars, a following step is to knock down the ground floor and foundations, and finally to sort and remove the building’s remains. On 24th of January, Szewczyka Square is scheduled for closing.

Workers crews started today to break the foundations and the ground level of the hall. This stage of works will take until the end of February 2011 at least. Additionally, preparatory works for cavity walls started last days along 3 Maja Street. It is connected with ground works of foundations of Galeria Katowicka and an underground car park.

On Monday, 24th of January 2011, Szewczyka Sq. as well as Słowackiego, Dworcowa and Młyńska Streets are going to be closed for cars traffic and a refit of these streets will begin. The works will be concluded in Q2 2012 – together with the opening of the new Railway Station.