Cluster more efficient

Five new companies joined the Euro-Centrum’s Cluster of Energy-Efficient Technologies in December 2010. Additionally, a first joint undertaking is currently being prepared within the Cluster.

Last year, the number of Cluster’s members had doubled and reached almost 50. Among the five newest representatives are two Polish technological companies, Mostmargeo and Wesea, as well as Austrotherm based in Austria and two firms operating in the renewable energy’s sector – Stekra and OZE Inwestycje SA. In mid-2010 following 10 companies joined the Heat Pump Group, a one of the Cluster’s thematic groups.

The Cluster is both developing and intensifying its activities. The members work in five thematic groups. Each group has a specialized moderator who coordinates the activities. At present, the Cluster applies for a public grant to conduct the joint undertaking – a development of a model energy-efficient building.

According to the Deloitte’s report concerning clusters activities in Poland, the Euro-Centrum’s Cluster of Energy-Efficient Technologies was distinguished thanks to an easy and common offer for customers, possibilities of students’ internships, and optimal rules of work within the five thematic groups.