Communication with surroundings

The location of the Scientific Information Center and Academic Library on campus was an impulse to enhance the significance of the University not only by the construction of an important facility, but also by the new urbanist composition and design.

The building of the Library has been located at the intersection of two axes of campus. At the intersection place of the axes, in front of the library, a central university square called Forum has been designed. From here, there will be an entrance to the new Library.

The height of the library building has been adapted to the average height of the buildings on the University campus. The elevation surpassing this height is directed towards the Forum. According to the designers, the HS99 studio, the elevation reflects the primary function of the Library which is storage of books, while the sober dispensation of light creates an ambiance of mystery. The façade of red sandstone is also responsible for the communication of the building with the surroundings.