Construction work at Szewczyka Sq.

In March, construction crews of Trans-Ziem started to prepare an excavation site of the future underground levels of the new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka. At present, the excavation becomes more and more deeper day-to-day. Approximately 365 000 cubic meters of soil will be removed from the construction site. A 870-meters long diaphragm wall, which is necessary to prevent landslides, is almost concluded. It shall be finished in the second half of May. The Keller company is responsible for the construction work on the diaphragm wall.

Except for the Station and Galeria Katowicka, the investment also entails developing an underground bus terminal and a car park as well as a road infrastructure network which shall connect the new complex with adjacent streets. Over 200 000 sq. meters of usable space is about to spring up as a result of this project, of which retail space will comprise 53 000 sq. m. An A-class office building is planned in the next phase of the project.