Cranes come flying to Szewczyka Square

Construction works on the new Katowice Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka involve more and more workers, concrete, steel and tower cranes. The fourth of the nine planned cranes appeared lately at the site.

It is situated in the central part of the building ground near the area of the future Railway Station. “Its location will help to unload lorries efficiently. The crane radius is 65 meters long, the height reaches 56 meters” – says Patrycja Rabińska, press spokesman of the undertaking. Its size is going to be the most spectacular mostly because of the jib length, however the crane will not be the highest.

For the present, the top-high crane is located near 3 Maja St. and was situated at the construction site as the first one. It is 62 meters high. Though, it is not the end of the height contest. “The builders expect the ‘tallest’ tower crane will be 7 meters higher to reach 69 meters” – she adds. According to the actual plan, construction crews of Strabag – a prime contractor of the investment – will need five more tower cranes.

Meanwhile, workers have already started concrete works on the “-2” level in the area of the Railway Station and lay reinforcements for the next parts of the foundation slab. Recently the concrete works have started on the construction of the Galeria Katowicka’s “-1” level in the area of 3 Maja St. At the same time earthworks are being continued to remove the remaining soil from the excavation.