Design and build underground car parks

The City Hall of Katowice is looking for a concessioner which will design, finance a construction work and manage two underground car parks in the City Center. The investment will be carried out within the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) formula. The City Hall is to contribute construction plots, the chosen company will be given a concession to manage the car parks and make profits.

The subjected car parks are to be build on Dworcowy Sq. and Bolesława Chrobrego Sq. Planned number of parking places is no fewer than 300 and 400 respectively, located on 2-3 and 3-4 underground levels. Final number of places and levels as well as the architectural design will depend on investor. The facilities have to be adapted for the disabled with convenient entrances and exits for pedestrians. The parking under Dworcowy Sq. shall be connected with the existing building of Old Railway Station planned to be revitalized in the future by private investor.

The chosen concessioner will also have to prepare and manage two ground paid parking zones in the area of the planned underground car parks including Św. Jana, Dworcowa, Mariacka Tylna, Francuska, Jagiellońska, Kochanowskiego Streets. The area embraces approximately 680 parking places.

The investment will be given a management concession period of maximum 30 years for the underground car parks and maximum 15 years for the ground paid parking zones. The investor will have 28 months to conduct design, administrative procedures, construction work and deliver the underground facilities. An estimated cost of the investment ranges between PLN 105 and 135 million excluding VAT.

Time-limit for the submission of applications is 18th of July 2011.