Development plans of Echo Investment

Echo Investment announced today its investment plans for the nearest five years. The company intends to realize 56 new projects of the value exceeding PLN 5 billion in years 2010-2015. A total area of 13 commercial centers, 16 office buildings, 26 residential projects and a hotel will exceed 1,2 million square meters.

Echo still shows its interest in Katowice and confirmed today plans for a development of an office scheme in the City. Additionally, the company announced that one of the planned 13 commercial centers will be erected in Katowice until 2015.

The company intends to obtain financing of the above-mentioned projects first of all through target credits for its subsidiaries, from current and operating credits and also through the program of issuance of bonds, which the company has been using since 2004. Echo also plans to sell two office projects and two commercial centers and devote the means obtained this way to finance its planned investments.

The company, concentrating on the Polish market, also develops in countries of Central and Eastern Europe.