Difficulties vs. plans

The housing estate market in Katowice is still the most immature in comparison with the biggest cities of Poland and prices hardly exceed PLN 5 100 per one square meter on average. However, developers active at the City’s market plan to start new residential schemes in the nearest future.

As it was in most of regional Polish cities, Katowice has been suffering from an outflow of residents over the recent years and the number of flats on the secondary market rose. Low prices of these units do not attract as much buyers as it is in other regional cities, as Katowice residents purchasing power is still below par. Consequently, number of transactions on the primary market is also very low where only 350 apartments were sold in 2010. According to analysts, the situation may be changed when Katowice will offer more attractive job places and will finally transform from the industry City into a service-oriented one.

For all that, there are several developers who announce to launch residential projects in the months to come. TriGranit Development Polska, a developer of Oak Terraces (“Dębowe Tarasy”), wants to start the third stage of the project. It will deliver about 200 apartments, about 30% of the offer is already reserved. In the area of Three Ponds (“Trzy Stawy”), OKAM Capitals is going to build 252 units, however the investment will probably be phased in time. Another 348 apartments in four 17-storey buildings called 4 Towers (“4 Wieże”) are planned by Activ Investment. This residential scheme would be located along Chorzowska St. within the “Tysiąclecia” housing estate. The developer already started to sell the apartments of the first building.

Developers predict that the prices should rise in two years as construction work of their projects will be nearing to an end.