DisplayLink expands in Katowice

DisplayLink, a Silicon Valley company which has set up its regional office in Euro-Centrum in 2008, now is expanding the team of engineers.

After the time of market stagnation had caused by the economic downturn, the research and development unit in Katowice increased a number of workers from 5 to 12 during last six months. At present, the company is still looking for engineers, mostly for C++ software development positions. It will include design and develop applications and core library functions for company’s network display products.

According to the daily Puls Biznesu, DisplayLink wants to become a listed company in two years.

DisplayLink specializes in chips and software that enable easy virtual graphics connectivity between computers and displays over standard interfaces such as USB, wireless USB, and Ethernet. The company’s technology is used in dozens of globally branded PC accessories including monitors, docking stations, display adapters, projectors, and zero client systems that enable expansion of the desktop visual workspace at significantly lower cost and energy than traditional solutions.

Among the company’s costumers are: LG, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus. DisplayLink has already sold more than 1 million chips. Its offices are located in Palo Alto (California, USA), Cambridge (UK), Taipei (Taiwan) and Katowice.