DOKP turns into rubble

The 18-storey seat of „DOKP” (Regional Directorate of Polish Railways) is being turned into rubble and dust. Most of the site is now covered with tons of crashed concrete and bricks. Only a narrow central part of the tower is still left and waits to be demolished.

The demolition has been executed since March this year. The company responsible for the works have been using remote controlled demolition robots, a 51-meter high hydraulic excavator and a tower crane, which had been already removed from the site.

Another important equipment is a crawler-type jaw crusher used for recycling of the rubble and concrete, which had been produced in the demolition process of the building. The machine enables the fast crushing of feeding material, even if it is strongly reinforced. According to the press office of TDJ Estate, a feed rate of the crusher amounts to up to 300 tons per hour.

The area, on which the building is situated, was intended for development of a new office complex of TDJ Estate.