EEC 2010: Last third day

Almost 30 debates in seven locations, over 200 panelists and workshops by the Ruda Śląska Business Incubator. This was the third and the last day of the European Economic Congress 2010, the largest business event in this part of Europe. Participants discussed such issues as the priorities of the Polish Presidency in the European Union, an automotive sector, hard coal mining, and public and private partnership. The panels were attended, for example, by Minister of Treasury Aleksander Grad and, through a multimedia address, EU Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik.

The third day of the European Economic Congress 2010 brought numerous debates on power market, clean coal technologies and European Union funds. The session on euro in Europe was addressed by Representative of the Slovak Government for Euro Igor Barẚt and Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1996-1997 Dariusz Rosati. Privatization and financial markets was broadly discussed by Minister of Treasury Aleksander Grad, and the panel dedicated to innovativeness for climate was joined, through a multimedia address, by EU Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik who shared his knowledge with congress participants for the second time this year.

The last congress day saw also a discussion on traditional sectors of economy, that is, hard coal mining and metallurgy. The analysis involved the situation of hard coal mining on international markets, investments in the mining sector, and ownership and structural transformations. The session was moderated Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Economy Janusz Steinhoff, while representatives of the largest companies in the sector, Katowicki Holding Węglowy and Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, spoke about conditions for propagating technologies in the Polish mining industry.

The activity of the Icelandic volcano, and therefore, the situation in the European sky provoked a discussion on the impact of natural disasters on the condition of the air transportation which started during a panel on airports and world trends in air traffic.

Beside numerous discussion panels which were held in Katowice, on Wednesday, 2 July 2010, the Ruda Śląska Business Incubator carried out workshops on the support of enterprise in the Silesia Province through actions of local governments.

The Wednesday sessions of the European Economic Congress 2010 in Katowice were held, just like previously, in the angelo, Monopol and Qubus hotels, in the Silesian Voivode Office and in the Science and Technology Park Euro-Centrum.

The European Economic Congress, the largest business event in Central and Eastern Europe, was organised for the second time. The three congress days welcomed over 4 000 guests, over 300 media representatives and almost 700 speakers in Katowice.

The aim of the congress was to allow entities from various sectors operating across the EU market to establish direct contacts and to exchange experiences.