EEC 2010 starts in two months

The Second European Economic Congress (EEC 2010) will take place in Katowice in two months between 14th and 16th of April, 2010. EEC is one of the most important business events in Central Europe. During the three days of sessions, the city of Katowice is going to add new quality to European dialogue, becoming a place for exchanging views and experiences as well as of debate for nearly 400 speakers, great personages of politics, business, science and economics.

Substantive and organisational aspects of the Congress are going to be supervised by the Organizational Committee – Patronage Council, under the honorary chairmanship of Jerzy Buzek, current President of the European Parliament.

The issues to be analysed and discussed this year at the Congress include some of the most significant problems of the global economy, the economic situation in Poland and in Europe, as well as the possibilities of combating and, eventually, overcoming the financial recession. The debate will also cover the climate package, the Polish presidency of the European Union and the importance of innovation in the economy.

Over the three days, EEC 2010 is going to bring together over 3500 visitors from Poland, Europe and the rest of the world. Currently Organizer is discussing the participation of global corporation representatives of the highest rank.

  • European Economic Congress 2010 – the essential facts:
    • the largest and the most significant business event in Central Europe
    • a place of dialogue and debate for great personages of politics, business, science and economics
    • over 3500 participants and nearly 400 speakers
    • 3 days of sessions related to several dozen economic and social themes
    • business meetings, unofficial talks and banquets
    • over 150 accredited journalists from Polish and foreign agencies attending.

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source: British Polish Chamber of Commerce (Institutional Partner of the EEC 2010)