Elevation frame of Galeria Katowicka emerges

Brick-laying, plastering and finishing works are underway throughout Galeria Katowicka. Also preparations started for the construction of a dome-like structure over the mall’s main entrance.

The dome will offer a view onto the pedestrian area of Stawowa St. and part of 3 Maja St. The development of the building’s elevation is also in progress. The installation of a frame which will hold metal panels finished from the side of 3 Maja and is now going on at Szewczyka Sq. The movie theater’s elevation is being made in the west and south.

Workers had finished the metal structure of skylights over the Fashion Valley in the shopping mall and have commenced to frame glass slabs. In tenants’ premises, floors are being laid, leveling works carry on and surfaces are being prepared for the application of finishing materials.

Sufrace-laying is now underway in the underground car park located at the levels -2 and -3. Builders use a newly installed goods lift which helps to deliver building materials to all levels between -1 and +3.

source: Neinver’s press office