EU funds for promotion

Katowice has received EU funds for a promotional strategy of the City’s invests. The total amount of the project is PLN 1 187 430 and the EU funds covered 85% of this amount, so it is PLN 969 909,50.
The strategy puts on to promote invest offers of Katowice across trade fairs contribution, adverts, virtual introductions and internet marketing.

The project consists of 5 tasks:
– a participation in MIPIM fairs in Cannes,
– a participation in Expo-Real fairs in Munich,
– a virtual introduction of Katowice’s invest offer,
– a webpage for investors,
– a promotion of the project in media

Within the framework of the project is predicted to encourage future investors at the trade fairs in Cannes and Munich and to campaign in polish and western business press and in the internet.

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