Euro-Centrum welcomes USPTC

In January, Euro-Centrum Group signed a cooperation agreement with the U.S.-Polish Trade Council (USPTC) based in Silicon Valley, California. In Friday, October 30, the USPTC will open its first Polish regional office in Katowice. The office with a seat in Euro-Centrum Industrial Park will be managed by Mariusz Tomaka which was appointed by the Board of Directors of USPTC to be the Director of the organization in Katowice. The inauguration will be performed by Piotr Moncarz, a Stanford University professor and USPTC Chairman. In addition, representatives of the US Consulate, the USPTC’s Board of Directors and IT companies announced theirs participation.

US-Polish Trade Council is a non-profit organization with headquaters in San Francisco and Warsaw and two regional offices in Washington D.C. and Katowice. The USPTC helps companies make the right Polish and American contacts to expand trans-Atlantic trade, investment and cooperation in the fields of information technology and biotechnology. To accomplish this goal, the USPTC works in partnership with a network of Polish and American organizations, including: corporate, academic and government entities.

The USPTC was formed in 2002 to promote California, and especially the Silicon Valley, as a prime location for Polish high technology and science to build a presence and so increase cooperation and trade between the U.S. and Poland. Initiatives taken by the organization were attended by leaders of American industry such as Lockheed Martin, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Applied Materials and Sun Microsystems.