European Start-Up Days will take place during 8th EEC

The eighth edition of the most important economic event in Central Europe will take place between 18th and 20th of May 2016. This time, the European Economic Congress (EEC) will be held not only in the International Convention Center but also in the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall. Registration is now open. One of the new accompanying events will be the first European Start-Up Days.

The congress is a three-day series of debates and meetings attended by over seven thousand guests from Poland and other European countries. Each year, several hundred speakers take part in nearly one hundred sessions. The participants in the congress include the most prominent politicians of the European Union (with a particularly strong representation of the countries of Central Europe), Prime Ministers of European states, representatives of the Polish government, and investors and managers of the largest enterprises in Europe.

After many conversations and consultations, the agenda of the European Economic Congress has been created. Main subject areas includes:
– Geopolitics, security and the economy. Is it a global crisis?
– Energy and climate – the Horizon 2030. Scenarios for the world and Europe
– Digitization of the economy. Opportunities, challenges and risks related to the digital revolution
– Young entrepreneurs. New business as a medium for innovations

About 500 start-ups, 40 speakers and 2 000 guests is expected during the European Start-Up Days. The initiative of the event is to integrate young, innovative entrepreneurs with experts, successful businessmen, CEOs of Polish and foreign companies, people with passion and an innovative approach to running business. The meeting will take place in „Spodek” as well as the inaugural session of the ECC. The remaining debates will be held in the International Convention Center.

Registration in the European Economic Congress is free of charge.