Exam of underground bus station passed

At the beginning of April, a simulation of an underground bus station, which will be developed under the building of the Railway Station, took place in a bus depot in Gliwice. An aim of the simulation was to examine projected traffic solutions in a real conditions. Neinver’s specialists wanted to make sure if a passengers circulation, buses manoeuvres, driveways and parking capabilities work properly. Fifteen meters long articulated buses as well as shorter vehicles were used in the simulation.

For a better bus service, two entryways on Słowackiego and Pocztowa Streets are planned. The Municipal Transport Union of the Upper Silesian Industrial District (KZK GOP), which is a public organizer of mass transport in the Upper Silesian Agglomeration, was invited to participate in the test. It also has to help KZK GOP in fixing the future buses timetable of the underground station.

“Today we can say the April’s simulation was crowned with a success. It gave us many important instructions how to continue our work with the project. Thanks to the attempt in Gliwice we are sure that the future bus station will operate smoothly” – Anotni Pomorski, the Neinver Polska’s architect responsible for the project, said in a press statement.

The underground bus station will be a part of the multi-function complex consisting of the new Railway Station building, the Galeria Katowicka shopping center and an A-class office facility. The complex will deliver 52 000 sq. meters of retail spaces including 46 000 sq. m. in Galeria Katowicka (230 retail and service units). The remaining 6 000 sq. m. are planned in the main building of the Railway Station and an office facility’s ground floor.