Famur extends factory in Katowice

Famur, a world manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment, is going to start up a new plant in January this year. Skanska was a prime contractor of the project. In 2011, the company will make a decision about next stages of the plant’s extension.

The plant called “Famur 2” covers four hectares which is one-third of the total area of the machines factory based in Katowice. A heavy mechanical treatment department (1 770 sq.m.), a heat treatment (1 360 sq.m.), and light treatment departments (3 260 sq.m.), were built within the first stage of the extension. The same stage includes a 1 370 sq. meters building designed for an electric and electronic assembly department, and quality control unit.

Also, a part of the stage one is a 370 sq. meters test bench destined to examine gear drive units. It is the first such a large test bench in Poland which enables to test up to 2MW units.

According to wnp.pl, the second stage features an assembling hall of 3 990 sq. meters. Following manufacturing halls covering almost 7 000 sq. meters will be developed in the third stage. An office building designed for the seat of Famur Group is planned to be raised in the last fourth stage.

Final decisions concerning a start date of the stage three and four will be made in 2011. Famur already obtained valid building permits necessary to launch construction works.

A total cost of the first two stages is estimated at about PLN 140 million. PLN 43,3 million is granted within the framework of the Innovative Economy Programme 2007-2013 co-financed from EU resources.

The whole area of the Famur’s factory is located in the Katowice Special Economic Zone in the Piotrowice district.

Thanks to continuous innovation in its products and production technology, as it is the Katowice project, and the increasing investment in research and development, Famur Group is among the world’s leading manufacturers for the mining industry. The machines and equipment produced by the company are used in coal mines all around the world.

source: wnp.pl

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