First elements of cavity wall

The last cup-shaped pillar of the Railway Station was tore down a month ago. From then on a heavy construction equipment is brought to the construction site. At present, construction crews work on foundations of the planned new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka.

First elements of a cavity wall were already built for the complex’s foundations. The cavity wall is excavated in the soil into which reinforced concrete is placed. Excavation is accomplished using several clamshell grabs, while the trench stability is maintained using suspensions of bentonite. The suspension is being prepared at the construction site. Once excavated, three-dimensional reinforcement is set in the trench and followed by the placement of concrete.

As a result, a structural wall system will be created that provides ground restraint when the excavation of soil proceeds. The cavity wall will be up to 30 meters deep in some segments of the new Railway Station’s building – some parts of the wall be hidden under the ground, some will create walls of a tunnel, underground bus station and car parks under Galeria Katowicka.

Meanwhile, the Trans-Ziem company still removes foundations of the Railway Station’s building and two crushing machines crumble concrete remains.

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