First passive building in Poland

One of the crucial elements of the Euro-Centrum Group is the construction of an innovative complex that is the example of implementation of modern technologies of acquiring energy from alternative sources and its conservation in buildings. Thanks to the cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, the first stage of the project provided for the construction of a building that uses only one third of energy in total; the remaining energy is obtained solely from renewable sources. The opening of the energy-saving building took place in April, this year.

Next step provides for works on the construction of totally passive building that shall be fully energy-efficient. It is going to be the first such building in Poland. Solutions used in the project will allow to exploit the renewable energy sources for minimalizing the building’s energy-absorbition. According to principles of a passive engineering, the building’s heating will be utilized up to 15 kWh/sq.m yearly. On a total floor space of 6 500 sq. m, the park’s entrepreneurships include launching specialist laboratories and apparatuses inside. This includes, inter alia: measurement laboratories, implementation and certification laboratories (measuring apparatuses, specialist software, certifying devices, other implementation devices, hardware), as well as exhibition rooms, conference and training rooms, logistics and technical support rooms. All the facilities will be extended for tenants as well as for entrepreneurs and research centers. The new building will be also a seat of the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park.

The construction works are going to commence in January 2010.

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