First tower crane at the construction site

Works on the new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka are to be entered into a next stage – construction of bearing pillars and ceilings. To make the works more efficient the first tower crane was installed at the site last week. There will be seven more such cranes.

Meanwhile, the present stage includes works on the ground level where a subsoil is stabilized with lean concrete necessary to prepare a foundation slab. In the area of 3 Maja St., the foundation slab is 60% done according to Neinver, an investor of the project. That is where the mentioned above tower crane was installed, the second one will also be put in the area.

At the same time, first works on the foundation slab of the new Railway Station were commenced. The subsoil is stabilized there with the lean concrete. Moreover, removing of 365 000 cubic meters of soil from the excavation is progressing all the time. It shall take following several weeks. “We estimated that there are still about 95 000 cubic meters of soil to remove” – says Rafał Elżanowski, Investment Director at Neinver Polska. “It is a huge logistic undertaking. If we wanted to transport away all the digs at one time, we would need approximately ten thousand lorries.” In the future, the excavation will hold an underground bus hub, road tunnel, two-storey car park for 1200 vehicles and a -1 level of Galeria Katowicka.

A prime contractor of the investment is the Strabag company.