Fit-out work

The fit-out work at Francuska Office Center is more and more advanced. Most noticeable is the removal of the external scaffolding, which is still underway. Then it will be possible to view the façade of the complex. Meanwhile, work on roadways and paving around the project is proceeding at full steam, with sidewalks being installed to provide convenient access to the buildings.

Inside the Francuska Office Center, construction crews are fitting out the entryways, which will provide an hallmark to the complex as a whole. The cafeteria on the ground floor is one of the areas where fit-out work has already been completed.

Francuska Office Center is also preparing for formal approval by the relevant authorities, who will then issue an occupancy permit. The work is moving forward quickly in order to assure that tenants will be able to take delivery of the modern GTC office space on Francuska St. before the end of May.

source: GTC

Francuska Office Center, A building
Francuska Office Center, A building