Fitch keeps Katowice at A-

Fitch confirmed on Tuesday the long-term foreign and local currency ratings of “A-“ with a “stable” outlook, assigned to Katowice. The same note was given to the City last year.

The ratings incorporate the City’s strong budgetary performance, high liquidity position, solid self-financing capacity, very low, albeit rising, debt and strong debt ratios, Fitch explained.

They also reflect the robust growth of Katowice’s operating expenditure, due to growing rigid costs, as well as the projected high capital expenditure of about PLN 2,4 billion (USD 835,3m/EUR 604,4m) in 2010-2014 to be partly covered by debt, the agency added.

In the analysts’ opinion, the City is likely to have the capacity to pursue its prudent financial management and sustain the operating margin at not lower than 14% in the medium term.

However, the operating margin could be impeded if the City does not tighten the growth of operating costs, according to the rater.

The ratings could be positively impacted by an upward revision of Poland’s sovereign rating (“A-“/stable) – city can not be marked higher than the country – and sustained sound budgetary performance.

Alternatively, a possible weakening of operating performance much below Fitch’s expectations and a considerable increase in debt would be considered negative rating drivers, the analysts noted.

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source: ADPnews