Five companies eager to manage ICC and Spodek

Five companies have submitted their applications for concluding the concession agreement for the management of the International Convention Center and the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall.

It was the third attempt to choose the concessioner. The first procedure was canceled due to proceedings mistakes. The second procedure did not attract any bidders. To attract companies to file their motions in the third attempt, the City Hall canceled some of the requirements.

According to the list of five companies which have decided to make their applications include: SMG Polska, Krzysztof Pietrzko, Global Retail and Residential Estate Service (GRRES), HKO and PTWP Event Center (a subsidiary of PTWP Group, which is responsible for the organization of the European Economic Congress).

Now the City Hall of Katowice, which will grant the concession, is going to check if the applications meet the requirements for realization of the undertaking in the form of concession. In December, companies which meet the requirements will be invited by the City Hall for the negotiation process.

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