Former KCB is getting new elevation and fittings

The so called Business Center of Katowice (“Katowickie Centrum Biznesu”, KCB) is turning from an abandoned concrete construction into a modern office building. Works are being underway in all parts of the facility and the investor announces to deliver the building this year.

Works on the former "Katowickie Centrum Biznesu" building
Works on the former "Katowickie Centrum Biznesu" building

About 200 workers from fifteen different building companies conduct the construction work presently. The “Alam” firm is responsible to coordinate the development as a prime contractor. The construction crews are mostly focusing on laying out inside fittings and the elevation made of glass and granite stone’s plates.

“The works are currently 75% done and it is scheduled to deliver the building in November 2012. We negotiate with several companies interested in the office spaces, mostly representing the financial sector, however their names have to be kept confidential for the moment” – says Maciej Jaglarz, an investor of the undertaking.

A total area of the 8-storey building will comprise 18 000 sq. meters of which 13 000 sq. meters are designed for the rentable office space. A parking lot for 130 vehicles and approximately 70 bikes will be put at tenants disposal on the underground level of the building.

Apart from the office spaces, the investor will place a garden to be situated on the second storey’s roof (the front-end part of the building) and a restaurant located on the top floor.

The development of KCB had been started in the late nineties but the building was never finished. Maciej Jaglarz decided last year to buy the unfinished facility and conclude the investment. The original 7-storey construction got one additional floor on the top. The elevation will be mostly covered by green glass, light-coloured stone plates on the upper floors and a black stone on the lower part will be used as well. The architectural design of the building was prepared by the “Arkat” studio from Katowice.