Galeria Katowicka implements innovative Navishopper

Galeria Katowicka informed that becomes Europe’s first shopping center to introduce a multifunctional mobile application, which combines a loyalty program, digital coupons to use at stores and restaurants, as well as a personal navigation feature that works with beacons. It is called Navishopper.

The mobile application combines three key elements: a loyalty program with prizes for shopping and periodic awards for best customers, a digital coupon module with special offers, and personal navigation for smartphone owners, which communicates with beacons installed at four levels of Galeria Katowicka.

Not only does Navishopper facilitate navigation through different levels of Galeria Katowicka but it also makes it possible to offer discount coupons for use at selected stores. The app’s introduction at Galeria Katowicka marks the first time a solution of this sort has been adopted for such a large retail scheme.

„Anyone who downloads the new application will have constant access to new discount vouchers that can be redeemed at our stores and restaurants. By registering their receipts, customers collect points, which can then be easily exchanged for prizes. In some cases it is possible to get a reward after just a single shopping visit. In the pre-Christmas period, the highest-value receipt on each day wins a PLN 1 000 Galeria Katowicka gift card” – says Dawid Prymas, marketing and public relations director at Galeria Katowicka.

Navishopper allows full personalization and adjustment of notifications in line with individual preferences. Users can define product categories, pick their favorite stores and make shopping lists in order to only get information that matches their expectations. From nearly any element within the application (store details, coupons and rewards), users can get to their target destination with a single click.

Navishopper also takes into account tenants’ needs and point of view. It is an important sales and analytical tool. Tenants get a panel, in which they can find useful information about the performance of their special actions and coupon promotions. Galeria Katowicka’s tenants can decide whether to come up with special offers and check reports on their own, or whether this should be done by the app’s provider. In any case, a tenant will receive feedback that may be used when planning further activities.

„We have thoroughly analyzed the domestic and international market. We have in-depth knowledge of mobile apps across the globe and can safely say that Navishopper is the first solution of its kind to have been implemented and work adequately. The works kicked off over a year and a half ago. They were carried out by two independent teams of programmers. Then we had to conduct multiple tests and training courses for tenants. Works are still underway to come up with new functions for both customers and tenants” – says Sebastian Pawlica, managing director at Sigma-Group, the company which developed and launched Galeria Katowicka’s app.

Beacons are getting increasingly popular across the world. These are micro-devices which communicate with smartphones, sending a constant signal through energy-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
When starting our works on the application, we intended to achieve two crucial objectives. We wanted to facilitate navigation around the mall, thus making shopping faster and more efficient, as well as giving consumers yet another significant reason to pick Galeria Katowicka as their shopping destination.

At the same time, we wish to build long-term relations with our customers and the local community through a two-layer sales-support platform which offers discount coupons and loyalty rewards. The app’s implementation in the hectic pre-Christmas season is the best way to test its performance. So far everything has been going more than well. Over 1 000 users have signed up within the first few days” – says Dawid Prymas.

Navishopper replaces the mobile application which has been used by Galeria Katowicka thus far. The new one has been designed to work on any iOS and Android device. Further features will be added in 2016.